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Shock Sticker is a program to create post-it notes with alarms, schedules, etc.
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Shock Sticker is a software application for creating post-it notes with alarms, memos, schedules, etc.
The program installs an icon into the system tray to easily operate by clicking on it. It offers several optional settings, such as note size, back color, password, etc.

Users can, anytime, hide or show the 'sticky' notes, so the desktop doesn’t get stuffed and full of icons or images.

The application enables user to create and place post-it notes on the desktop to remind events or for tracking notes. Users can erase the ones that are already used, but the application offers the possibility of recovering those, besides the recycle bin. Post-it notes are user customizable in color, transparency, size and position, always on top feature, etc. Text appearing on them can be selected in font type and size, as well as in text justification. Also, the stickers can be minimized or hidden. Users can set a password to protect the notes, to make them private and to only be seen when using the correct password. Also, each sticker has an identifying title that can easily be edited.

All the possible changes for notes customization are available on the stickers themselves. If a user writes down an URL address on a note, it responds perfectly and will open when clicking on it, using the current web browser.

The application offers other features, such as the utility for searching text all over the notes. Password can be set for an individual note or for an application security level. Each note can be set with an alarm. Stick notes can be sent to another users in a net or to an IP address. Sounds can be selected for different actions on the notes: create, open, erase, etc. and they can be switched on or off from the options window.

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